About us

LLC “INNCOR” (Innovative Engineering Developments) is a group of highly professional specialists, industrial engineers, who gained broad experience from Russian military and missilery complexes, as well as young constructors, well-informed about all the modern technologies in the sphere of complex equipment developments, designing and producing machines.

“INNCOR” engineers are known for the whole series of real-life developments in the fields of drilling equipment, transport, railway, packaging and many others.

“INNCOR” distinctive feature and advantage is that we design, produce and supply mass and highly specialized drilling and manufacturing equipment.

We manufacture, developed by our engineers, highly effective hydraulic drilling rigs GBU-5M “Wasp”, GBU-7M “Colibri” and URB-10-2SH “Buran” with load capacity up to 10 tons for exploratory, geophysical and development drilling with depth to 500 m and construction engineering exploration.

Disposing serious scientific and manufacturing capabilities, branching service and dealer’s network, taking into account our geographical position in Russia our company has abilities to become so-called engineering “bridge” between CIS countries and European and Asian markets. This fact presupposes company strategies in its key spheres, social liability to government, our workers and their families.

While planning and implementing our projects “INNCOR” concentrates on innovative activities in the sphere which is spoken about on all levels and authorities.

Our Design Department carries out all innovative, scientific and technical developments. Our specialists already have great experience in creating drilling and special-purpose equipment.

All advanced and suggested ideas go straight to our Design Department that consists of highly qualified specialists. The ideas and suggestions are thoroughly studied from the point of the possibility of their application for the development of new and upgrading existing equipment. Besides this department collaborates and sometimes even coordinates the work of engineering departments of our partners and also maintains in up-to-date state existing databases.

Our quality and innovative activity in scientific, technological, project developments are recognized by the certificates and patents.

One of the most important elements of “INNCOR” activity is the effective use of accumulated knowledge and experience. Owing to that we also provide the realization of government policy towards innovative development of the country.

We are always ready to offer you the new and optimal solution for the development of your business and economic situation on the whole. Tell us what result you need and we develop and manufacture for you the mechanisms for its achievement. .

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