Drilling rig URB-10-2SH "Buran"

URB-10-2SH "Buran"

URB-10-2SH “Buran” Specifications (Basic configuration)

General Information
Torque, max 1000 kgm
Note: pull-down allows to perform static probing.
up 10000 kg
down 10000 kg
Stroke of rotary head, max 6600 mm
Carriage drive hydraulic
Distance from lower point of rotator to ground Raised position 7895 mm
Downward position – 1295mm
Distance from crown block axe to ground without mast extention 9536 мм
with mast extention 13300 мм
Operating pressure in hydraulic system 180 bar
Drilling diameter 800 mm
Drilling depth:
— ⌀500—250 mm 20 m
— ⌀250—100 mm 40—60 m
— - wet drilling ⌀100 m 500 м
— - air-flush drilling ⌀100 mm 30—40 м
Undercarriage by order
Drilling rig configuration (basic) Hydraulic winch 3 TNC
Drill pump with mechanical drive
Drilling table
Hydraulic cathead
Basic units specification
Drilling tool rotator Movable, single-spindle with hydraulic drive (2 hydromotors 310…112) with turning gear to back off the rotator and free the well
Gear reduction rate to spindle 7 18
Number of turns 0—234 83
Torque, kgm 400 1000
Rotator carriage transfer mechanism Hydraulic drive (hydromotor 310…160)
Gear reduction rate to low-speed shaft, m/s 40,3
Rotator carriage speed (max), m/s 0,05—0,8
Draw works with hydraulic drive and free fall
Hydromotor 310...160
Load capacity, kgf 3000
Tripping operation speed, m/s 0,07—1,7
Friction and break control manual
Drilling table Detachable with load capacity of 5 ton
Diameter of free pass 300 mm
Insert drift diameter 190 mm
Hydraulic cathead Force 3.5 tm

By agreement with the client and manufacturer the rig may be produced with the stroke of rotary head of 366, 6600 and 8100 mm and have additional equipment:

  • Mast extender allows working with draw works and boring casing 12m long, with mast extender the distance from crown block axes to ground is 13100mm;
  • Casing oscillator. For lowering and raising of boring casing. Hydroficated, with movable and immovable hydraulic claws, with the possibility of tubing in automatic or manual mode;
  • Compressor station KV 10/10 with independent drive. For the possibility to use air as agent for cuttings lifting (air drilling);
  • Force generator GS-16 with shaft line drive. Used to provide with electricity the system of heating of hydraulic oil, light, fan heater;
  • Diesel fan heater. 220V are required;
  • Awning. Made of tarpaulin with metallic framework

Technical requirements for drilling rig URB-10-2SH «Buran»

You can choose and order on your own the manufacturing the drilling rig URB-10-2SH in minimal configuration with minimal price as well as more extended variant.

Extended configuration

Basic configuration

Technical requirements for drilling rig URB-10-2SH "Buran" with 2 spindel

Technical requirements for drilling rig URB-10-2SH "Buran" with 2 spindel