GBU-7M “Colibri”

ГБУ-7М «Колибри»

Drilling rig GBU-7M is a more powerful modification of a well-known rig GBU-5M and has higher capacities, torque and universality. Like other GBU modifications while performing different geological and drilling works with only one “Colibri” it’s possible to perform auger drilling, churn drilling, core drilling, as well as drilling with the use of pneumatic percussion tool and carry out static soil investigation.

Engineering innovations are implemented into this drilling rig, this fact results in multiplied safety margin, stiffness, and enlarged speed and efficiency of the operations. However the drilling rig is structurally simple and easy to operate.

Drilling rig GBU-5M has completely hydraulic drive of movable, tipping rotator and high-speed winch with free fall and load capacity of 3 tnf.

Drive of the drilling rig may be used from the engine of tote through KOM (basic configuration), but also from deck ICE (by order).

Technical requirements for drilling rig GBU-7M “Colibri”

You can choose and order on your own the manufacturing the drilling rig URB-10-2SH in minimal configuration with minimal price as well as more extended variant.

Extended Specifications

Basic configuration

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